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What recovery times are you looking at for back injuries?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Back injuries are one of the most common injuries across the entire globe. It makes up the top reason that workers miss days from their job globally, as well.

Understanding the true impact of back injuries means understanding the healing process and why it is so arduous.

The length of recovery

As Cleveland Clinic discusses, healing from a back injury is no simple or easy task. Several factors impact the overall process of healing and recovery. This can include the health of the victim at the time of the incident, the type of injury and its severity.

Most back injuries even in the mild range will take days to weeks for full recovery. For the more moderate to severe injuries, healing times can last months or even years.

The risk of re-injury

Of course, this means many workers go back to their job before they achieve full healing. Some return due to financial struggles, while others receive orders from their employers forcing them to return to their job or risk losing it.

Unfortunately, going back to work will engage the injured parts of the back and can result in the injury worsening. It can disrupt the healing process and make it harder for the body to actually regain full range of motion in the damaged area.

This is why many victims of back injuries on the job will choose to seek compensation. It helps pay for medical bills while also covering for any missed time due to rest and recovery, a necessary component of getting over a back injury.