When to be Wary of Insurance Companies

When to be Wary of Insurance Companies
When to be Wary of Insurance Companies
William T. Corbett, JR.

Insurance companies are in business to make money, plain and simple. The premise of this business is to pay out compensation to individuals who have been injured or who have their property compromised. Nevertheless, most insurance companies would rather find a loophole than provide you with the kind of compensation that would make your life easier. Here is a look at when you need to be wary of insurance companies.

When they act like your friend

Many times, insurance reps will contact you and seem as though they are truly looking out for your best interests. If they suddenly seem too good to be true, then they usually are. Many insurance companies will play the role of your friend, but most are just trying to butter you up for a low settlement.

When they are looking to make a quick settlement

Most insurance claims take a while before you receive any compensation. The longer an insurance claim Mooresville goes on, the more an insurance company may have to pay out, especially if you have a quality lawyer working for you. If an agent calls with the offer of a quick settlement, then it’s definitely a reason to pause. The reason for the quick offer is usually because they are likely to pay more down the line.

When they ask for a recorded statement

When this occurs, just stop. Don’t allow an insurance agent to record a statement. Hang up if you are on the phone or leave the premises if you are face to face with an agent. No good can come of this, particularly when it is an impromptu statement. Consult an attorney right away if you are asked to make a recorded statement.

When they start pointing the finger of blame

Be very wary of insurance companies who attempt to blame the accident on something other than their client. It could be you, it could another driver, and it could even be the weather. This is essentially the start of an attempt to redirect blame and get out of paying compensation. Let your lawyer step in and thwart this tactic.

When they question the number of your medical visits

This is a precursor to their claim that you did not do enough to heal your condition. The reality is there is no set number of times you should visit a physician. Situations vary with each case. But when an insurance company begins to question the frequency, or lack, of medical visits, it is preparing to use that information against you.

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