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Any accident on the road can be traumatic, especially if you’re on a bicycle. From broken bones to potential head injuries, bicycle collisions are often disruptive and challenging to recover from. Working with a Mooresville bicycle accident lawyer can prevent you from paying unnecessary expenses or accepting a subpar offer from an insurance company.

While riding a bicycle is a cost-effective and sustainable way to travel, you also have fewer protections against collisions with the environment or others on the road. An accident can be much more serious for a cyclist than a driver of a car or truck. With the recent increase in bicycle commuting, especially in urban areas, it’s important to understand your next steps after experiencing an accident.

Mooresville Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Why Choose The Law Office of William T. Corbett, Jr., P.L.L.C.?

If you have recently been in a bicycle accident, it can be difficult to figure out what to do next. This process is exacerbated when you’re trying to recover from an injury at the same time. Hiring an attorney can help you deal with claims from insurance companies while you focus on recuperating from your accident.

Accidents can also be expensive, especially when you consider the associated medical costs. The Law Office of William T. Corbett, Jr., P.L.L.C., has over 30 years of experience serving the Mooresville, NC, area. Let a seasoned attorney recover the most amount of money for your accident as possible.

Are Bicycles Legally Different From Cars?

In Mooresville, bicycles are legally considered vehicles (but not motor vehicles). This gives cyclists certain protections, like the ability to pass drivers or other cyclists. It also makes cyclists responsible for following all traffic laws and ensuring that their bicycle has the following equipment:

  • A rear mirror
  • A front light that can be seen from 300 feet in normal conditions
  • A rear red light, bright clothing, or a vest that can be seen from 300 feet in normal conditions

There are no laws requiring adults to wear bicycle helmets in Mooresville, but riders under 16 years old must wear a helmet. Parents/guardians who deliberately allow children under 16 to ride a bicycle without a helmet may be fined.

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

If you are involved in a collision with another vehicle, you’re probably at least a little shaken up. Follow these steps to make sure you have as much information as possible for a future claim:

  1. Remain calm and call 911. Even if you don’t think you are seriously injured, it’s important to call emergency services to help the police file a report. A police report gives you more evidence from the scene of the accident to use in the future.
  2. Document. It’s important to take photos of the scene, including your bicycle, the environment, and any injuries you sustained. Other important items to record are the other person’s name, contact information, and insurance information, along with the exact location where the crash happened. Surrounding buildings might have security camera footage that can help in a claim.
  3. Watch what you say. If you’ve just been in a bicycle accident, it’s likely that you don’t know the whole context of the situation. Don’t verbally state that the accident is your fault or apologize for it. This can prevent an insurance company from potentially rejecting a claim.
  4. Visit a doctor. Even if an injury seems small at the time of the accident, it might worsen over time. It’s important to get evaluated by a medical professional to make sure that your injuries aren’t serious. Documents from a medical evaluation could also help in a future claim.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

North Carolina is a contributory negligence state, meaning that the victims of a bicycle accident must prove that they are in no way at fault for their own injuries. Even if the victim is only a little to blame, they will not be entitled to any damages from the other person’s insurance company.

This means that it is incredibly important for individuals to consult an attorney after a bicycle accident. Working with a personal injury attorney can help you receive the damages you deserve in a state where it is difficult to do so.

FAQs About Mooresville, NC Bicycle Accident Laws

What Are the Bike Laws in North Carolina?

In Mooresville, bicycles are given the same rights and responsibilities as other vehicles. They must be on the right side of the road and have enough lighting for other vehicles to see them. Just like with cars, cyclists cannot ride while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and must stop for pedestrians. They are allowed to pass other vehicles, but they must use proper hand signals to do so.

What Happens If I Get Hit on My Bike?

If you are in a bicycle accident, remain calm and dial 911. Document as much information from the scene as you can, and visit a medical professional to check for injuries. It is also important to talk with a personal injury lawyer to see if you are due any compensation from the other driver.

What Happens If You Have an Accident With a Cyclist?

It’s a good idea to file a police report if you have an accident with a cyclist. While this isn’t legally required if the cyclist is uninjured and there is less than $1000 in property damage, it still might be useful in the future. Even if the cyclist doesn’t feel injured at the moment, they might sustain smaller injuries that get worse over time and decide to file a claim later.

Are Bicycles Treated as Motor Vehicles in North Carolina?

In Mooresville, bicycles are given the same treatment as other vehicles. This means that they are allowed to do certain things that cars can also do, including passing other vehicles and riding on the road. They are also responsible for properly lighting their bicycle, following all traffic laws, and avoiding riding while intoxicated.

Know Your Rights

To make sense of confusing insurance claims and get the damages you deserve, contact The Law Office of William T. Corbett, Jr., P.L.L.C. We have served the Mooresville, NC, area for over 30 years. Our team can listen to the specific details of your accident to discuss further options.