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If you have been accused of a traffic violation of any kind, you need to take action as soon as possible to minimize the negative consequences and protect your driving record. Traffic law cases are rarely as simple as police and prosecutors would have you believe. There may be options for getting the charges reduced or dismissed, and we are here to help you explore those options and put this matter behind you as quickly as possible.

To find out how we can help you, please call The Law Office of William T. Corbett, Jr., P.L.L.C., in Mooresville at 704-799-7076 or complete our contact form. We represent people accused of traffic violations throughout Iredell County.

Experience in A Wide Variety Of Traffic Cases

Mooresville Traffic Violation Lawyer

Being accused of a traffic violation does not automatically lead to a conviction. You have a right to contest the ticket. It may also be possible to have any subsequent penalties reduced, including minimizing any negative effect on your driving record.

We have extensive experience in these matters, including:

  • Speeding tickets: While many speeding tickets can easily be paid by mail, in person, or online, they are still subject to other penalties like license points. The consequences increase the higher you go over the speed limit.
  • Accident-related cases: Drivers who are involved in a car accident are often given traffic tickets, regardless of whether there was a police officer at the scene at the time of the accident. You can also receive a ticket for not reporting an accident to law enforcement soon after it happens.
  • Property damage cases: An accident must be reported to law enforcement if the damage to property was $1,000 or more. If you plead guilty by not showing up to court or waiving your right to contest your ticket, you can still be liable for expenses related to property damage.
  • Hit-and-run charges: Some drivers are charged with a hit-and-run even if they do not flee the scene. If you need to pull over after an accident, call 911 as soon as possible to avoid these charges. These charges might be dismissed with help from a speeding ticket attorney.
  • Reckless driving charges: Reckless driving is considered a class 2 misdemeanor. This charge is broad and can be used for accidents in which the vehicle is run off the road or flipped. Many police officers also charge drivers going over 25 mph over the speed limit with reckless driving.
  • Traffic violations in connection with DWI charges: Any violation connected with a DWI charge can have serious implications for the driver, including jail time, license suspension, and additional fines.

Keep in mind that there is a process for contesting a ticket, and we can represent you and guide you through that process so that your rights and interests are protected. All you need to do is contact us to learn more.

Do I Have to Go to Court?

Some traffic violations are simple and might not require an individual to go to court. These are typically minor violations that can be waived with the help of a Mooresville traffic violation lawyer. However, there are some charges that require the recipient to appear in court, including:

  • Incidents Related to Alcohol: Most charges related to alcohol or other substances require the individual to go to court to address them. This includes charges like driving with an open container in the vehicle, driving under the influence, or destroying an ignition interlock device placed on your vehicle after being previously charged with a DWI.
  • Failing to Yield: While not all failure to yield charges require a court appearance, more serious offenses like not following instructions near a fire or passing a school bus require a hearing if you intend to plead not guilty. Other, more serious charges include accidents as a result of not yielding the right of way if you’re being passed.
  • Reckless Driving: In Mooresville, a driver is often given a reckless driving charge if they are going at least 15 mph over the speed limit and going at least 55 mph. This also applies to other dangerous behaviors like racing and aggressive driving.
  • License Suspension: Driving on a suspended or confiscated license also comes with grave repercussions. This also applies to individuals caught driving without a license to begin with.

There are serious ramifications to missing a court date related to a traffic violation, including potential revocation of your license, an arrest warrant, and additional fees. An attorney can support you during your hearing and help minimize the effects of your case.

Will My Ticket Affect My Insurance Rates?

Certain traffic violations can add points to your driver’s license, depending on how severe of an offense they are. These points can increase your insurance rates in the following ways:

  • Minor Speeding or Accident Offenses: If an individual is speeding ten mph or less or gets into a car accident with less than $1800 in damages to people or property, they might only get one point on their license, resulting in a possible 30% rate increase. This is common for minor moving violations as well, like failure to move over for law enforcement.
  • Moderate Speeding or Carelessness: Offenses like passing illegally, driving on the opposite side of the road, or speeding on roads with 55-75 mph speed limits often result in two points on your license and a 45% rate increase. This also applies to accidents with damage greater than $1800 but less than $3000.
  • Reckless Driving or Excessive Speeding: Charges like hit-and-runs, accidents resulting in more than $3000 or more in damages, and speeding in areas with over 75 mph speed limits can result in 3-4 points on your license and a 60-80% insurance increase.
  • More Serious Offenses: Charges like D.W.I.s, highway racing, or hit-and-run accidents involving the injury or death of another person are even more serious and result in higher penalties.

Traffic tickets can have real consequences on your driving record and insurance rates, so it’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to get the lowest charges possible for your case.

FAQs About Mooresville, NC Traffic Violation Laws

How Much Does a Traffic Lawyer Cost in N.C.?

The cost of a traffic ticket attorney depends on your driving record, where you were issued the ticket, and the type of violation your ticket is for. Most attorneys charge anywhere from $100-$300, not including court fees. There are also considerable late fees if your claim is not filed on time, so it’s important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible for assistance.

How Do I Pay My Ticket in Iredell County?

Traffic citations can be paid at the Clerk of Superior Court’s Office. They can also be paid by mail. If you want to waive your traffic ticket, you pay the fine in full and waive your right to go to court. This counts as a guilty verdict, and any consequences for your driving record still apply. More severe violations might cause your license to be revoked. It’s important to discuss your options with an attorney before paying the ticket fine.

What Happens if You Go 25 Over the Speed Limit in N.C.?

If you are driving at least 15 mph over the speed limit in Mooresville, this usually counts as a misdemeanor. Going 25 mph over the speed limit is normally seen as more egregious and can be charged as a class 2 misdemeanor, which can result in four points on your license and probation. Contesting your ticket with an attorney may help reduce the consequences of your ticket.

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