How do crush injuries impact victims?

How do crush injuries impact victims?
How do crush injuries impact victims?
William T. Corbett, JR.

Experiencing a crush injury could potentially be the most severe incident that a person faces in his or her lifetime.

How exactly do crush injuries happen? What are the biggest potential risks associated with them?

Risk of injury with trunk crushes

Up To Date takes a look at the different types of crush injuries victims may experience. Full-body crush injuries can and do happen, especially in situations that involve the collapse of buildings or other large structures. Crush injuries can also target either the limbs or trunk of the victim, which each has its own risks.

With crush injuries to the trunk, the biggest risks involve the potential failure and shutdown of organs. As organs lose blood and oxygen, they begin to shut down. The organs around them begin to work harder in an attempt to make up for the failing organs, which puts too much strain on them and can cause them to fail as well.

The dangers of infection

As for crush injuries to the limbs, the biggest risks tend to revolve around the possibility of infection. Skin in this area may begin to necrotize with the lack of oxygen and blood. This can introduce gangrene and other infections into the area, which may eventually lead to a loss of tissue or even an entire limb.

Sepsis also exists as a potential complication for any form of crush injury. This is a blood infection that can kill a person within 72 hours of symptoms appearing in some forms.

Thus, crush injuries need immediate medical attention from the start to reduce potentially fatal outcomes.

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