What are sneaky injuries?

What are sneaky injuries?
What are sneaky injuries?
William T. Corbett, JR.

A car accident may have a profound impact on your body. You may not realize the extent of the damage for hours or days later. These injuries that may sneak up on you can often impact you in serious ways.

What should you look for in the hours after a crash? Delve into some signs and symptoms that your body has damage that may prove dangerous for your health.

Do you feel nauseous?

After the adrenaline dies down, you may start to feel off or unsteady. You may have a head injury if you start to feel dizzy or nauseous. Some traumatic brain injuries do not have physical indicators. Rather, you may experience:

  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Headache growing with intensity
  • Insomnia or extreme sleepiness
  • Speech impairment
  • Memory loss

A TBI is a very critical injury as it may mean you have bleeding in the head that may lead to permanent impairment or even death.

Is there a bruise that gets bigger?

A bruise turns colors as it heals. However, if you have a mark that gets darker and spreads, it may indicate there is bleeding under the surface. Abdominal bleeding, for example, may occur if your torso strikes the steering wheel or armrest. Internal bleeding anywhere in the body may become serious if not treated.

Do you have tingling in your extremities?

Some neurological damage to the brain or spinal cord may not become apparent. If the pain comes with numbness or tingling in the feet and hands, it may mean something is hitting your spinal cord. This usually occurs when the spinal column has damage.

The safest course of action after a crash is to seek medical attention. You may do this at the hospital or with your physician soon after the crash.

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