What are ways power cords can cause falls?

What are ways power cords can cause falls?
What are ways power cords can cause falls?
William T. Corbett, JR.

Store owners should take care that their properties do not pose dangers to patrons. A number of hazards may cause a devastating fall, including floor clutter. Running a power cord across a walking path is one way to risk someone tripping and falling down.

In general, electrical cords can be dangerous without safe handling. A frayed cord could cause a fire. Even if a cord poses little risk of combustion, it can still cause serious injury. Chron explains how poor power cord management can create trip hazards.

Placing cords in traffic locations

Some places are just not suitable for electrical cords. Store owners should take care not to run cords where customers are likely to traverse. Management should also consider the risks to employees, particularly if they conduct different tasks such as carrying stock and lifting goods. Disorganized cords in offices can also pose trip hazards.

If a cord has to cross a floor where people are likely to walk, cord covers may minimize trip risks. A proper cord cover has a shape that minimizes trips while enveloping the cord so it does not catch on the foot of a person that steps on it.

Cords in unmarked repair areas

Sometimes a section of a property requires repair. While many people know not to approach a work location, at times an unsuspecting patron might not be aware of the work conditions and could trip on a power cord used to run repair equipment. A barrier or warning sign should be on the scene to direct civilians away from the hazardous area.

While people should exercise common sense while in public or at work, property owners and managements have their responsibilities as well. Suffering a serious injury due to negligence may entitle you to compensation.

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