Are distractions a serious problem for drivers?

Are distractions a serious problem for drivers?
Are distractions a serious problem for drivers?
William T. Corbett, JR.

When you are driving around, you may start to notice a variety of drivers that disregard road rules and seem to drift from their lane.

The number of distractions that drivers face can influence how safely they navigate the road. Noticing these details can help you if you are suffering from an injury after a crash.

Talkative or active passengers

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people inside a car may distract or surprise the driver and cause an accident. Sudden yelling or intense conversations can make it hard for anyone to pay attention to what is going on outside the car.

Although some people may assume discussions are not a source of serious distractions, anything that takes a driver’s mind off of traffic around them can potentially lead to a crash.

Tiredness and long roads

Drivers who refuse to stop for breaks when they feel fatigued, due to either lack of sleep or because of medications that have certain side effects, can cause serious accidents if they fall asleep at the wheel. Their minds may drift and they could also close their eyes, as well as take their hands off the wheel.

This is even more dangerous when people are driving in the dark or when there is less light around to see other approaching cars.

Portable food

When people are on the road for a long time, they may attempt to unwrap or open food containers to eat. Drivers who take their eyes off of traffic and focus more on a meal can cause potential collisions.

Understanding why these actions are dangerous for everyone around a distracted driver can help you after an accident.

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