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Recognizing a concussion following a car accident

Car accidents can cause a number of bodily injuries. While broken bones or bleeding are signs of physical trauma, some injuries occur where the symptoms…

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Understanding the consequences of speeding

Reckless driving takes different forms, and you should always watch out for negligent drivers while behind the wheel. If you notice someone driving erratically, whether…

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What are reasons that airbags might not deploy?

Vehicles offer more safety features than ever, but errors can still occur. On rare occasions, an airbag may not deploy during an accident. Malfunctioning automobile…

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Are distractions a serious problem for drivers?

When you are driving around, you may start to notice a variety of drivers that disregard road rules and seem to drift from their lane.…

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Driver fatigue and traffic collisions

If you become involved in a drowsy driving collision, you could suffer debilitating injuries, financial costs and other serious consequences. This highlights the importance of…

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Should you upgrade your child’s car seat after an accident?

Car accidents continue to be one of the primary killers of children under the age of 12. To keep the young one in your family…

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What to do before leaving the scene of a car crash

After a North Carolina car crash, there are certain steps you may want to take to help protect your interests and potentially strengthen your case…

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Mooresville, NC Automobile Accidents Attorney

North Carolina Auto Accident Attorney After a car accident, it is important to understand your legal rights in the state where the accident took place.…

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What to do if you are hit by an uninsured driver

Being involved in any type of automobile accident is never a welcomed experience. However, the angst heightens when the other motorist is uninsured. Here is…

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