How do back injuries heal?

How do back injuries heal?
How do back injuries heal?
William T. Corbett, JR.

Dealing with back injuries proves difficult for everyone. Of course, the type of healing that occurs and the period over which it takes place will differ depending.

But what are the basics about back injuries? How do they heal generally speaking?

Rest for swelling

Cleveland Clinic takes a look at back injuries among working people. Back injuries are among the most common reasons for people to take time off of work. Unfortunately, they are also a very serious issue that can even put people out of their field of employment.

Many mild and moderate back injuries involve swelling and muscular damage. Due to this, the most crucial part of the healing process involves resting until the swelling goes down. However, many people return to work before then, resulting in further damage to the unhealed back and even longer recovery periods.

Spine and spinal cord damage

Damage that involves the spine or the spinal cord can cause even more problems, of course. In the most severe of cases, a back injury victim may not have full control over their motion anymore. Partial or even full paralysis may occur, which means they can no longer do the work they once did.

Even taking a week away from work can heavily damage someone’s paycheck. Unfortunately, this is a big issue when combined with the stacking medical bills that might accompany a back injury. In other words, a back injury can simultaneously cause someone to spend money while removing their source of income.

This is why many people who suffer from their injury at work will do what they must to receive compensation.

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