How long does it take back injuries to heal?

How long does it take back injuries to heal?
How long does it take back injuries to heal?
William T. Corbett, JR.

Back injuries serve as one of the major health issues that workers everywhere face, with back pain being the number one cause for missed workdays across the globe.

To understand the true impact of back injuries, it is important to understand the healing process that goes on behind them.

The extent of recovery needed

Cleveland Clinic discusses back injuries and how long they take to heal. It depends on several factors that can include the type of injury, its severity, and the health of the victim. However, most back injuries will take a minimum of days to fully heal. The more moderate and severe injuries can take weeks, months or even years for full recovery.

The main issue here stems from the fact that working out the back muscles before fully healing and passing through the inflammation stage can re-open wounds and aggravate previously healing areas. This is a problem because many workers feel forced to return to the job before they are ready. Some even end up forced to return by order of their employer.

Reinjuring the back

However, this can create a vicious cycle in which the back injury does not have time to heal, and then it worsens when the worker returns to work, forcing them to take more time off.

Since many workers do not have enough sick or paid leave to cover this extensive healing process, many end up having to take unpaid time as well. This creates a monetary disparity, where the worker loses money through medical costs and does not gain any back.

This is why many victims will seek financial compensation, in order to help balance their financial situation in this stressful time.

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