What to do if you are hit by an uninsured driver

What to do if you are hit by an uninsured driver
What to do if you are hit by an uninsured driver
William T. Corbett, JR.

Being involved in any type of automobile accident is never a welcomed experience. However, the angst heightens when the other motorist is uninsured. Here is a closer look at what to do should you find yourself involved in a car accident with a driver who does not have insurance.

Contact the Police

Quite often, uninsured drivers do not want the police involved in any way. They may try to coerce you into not reporting the accident. But that is not the advisable thing to do. You may be able to get away with not calling the police after an accident with an insured driver, but it’s not the same with an uninsured motorist. Be sure to call right after the accident.

Don’t Settle for a Cash Payout

Uninsured drivers may try to settle right then and there by offering you a cash payout. But you have no idea how much it will cost to repair the damage to your vehicle. If you accept a $1,000 payout and there is $2,000 worth of damage, then you have to pay that difference. It’s better to follow proper protocol.

There is Fault

North Carolina is an at-fault state, which means one of the drivers is blamed for an motor vehicle accident. This means that your insurance carrier is not necessarily going to contribute to the cost of repair. That is why it is important to follow every step in the post-accident process.

Exchange Information

Don’t just rely on the police to get the information of the other driver. You should also obtain their information, which should include full name, address, phone number. Also, be sure to document their vehicle information down to the make, model, color and license plate number. This information may come in very handy.

Phone your Insurance Company

Contacting your insurance company is an important part of the process. If you have already purchased uninsured coverage, then that will help facilitate the entire process. An insurance representative can walk you through the process even if you do not have that type of coverage.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney

You may need to take the uninsured driver to court and that will require the services of an auto accident attorney. It’s better to get an early start as a phone call does generally comes with a free consultation. Contacting a personal injury attorney does not mean you are actually hiring one at that moment, but it does remain an option.

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