Understanding the consequences of speeding

Understanding the consequences of speeding
Understanding the consequences of speeding
William T. Corbett, JR.

Reckless driving takes different forms, and you should always watch out for negligent drivers while behind the wheel. If you notice someone driving erratically, whether they are drunk, distracted or drowsy, they could cause a serious accident. Reckless drivers become particularly dangerous when they go too fast, and speeding accounts for many serious injuries as well as deaths every year.

Unfortunately, some people do not realize how dangerous speeding is, and the prevalence of injuries and deaths attributed to this behavior.

Statistics on speeding accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published statistics on speeding accidents, which resulted in the loss of more than 11,250 lives during 2020. With regard to fatal traffic crashes throughout 2020, speeding played a role in 29% of all deaths.

Sadly, speeding not only increases the odds of a collision on the road, but the severity of a crash as well. Drivers who speed are more likely to lose control of their vehicle and protective equipment does not work as well in accidents that occur at high speeds.

Reviewing reasons for speeding

Some drivers speed because they need to get to work or find themselves late for an appointment. Road rage, traffic congestion and false feelings of anonymity behind the wheel also account for many speeding accidents. However, these are not valid excuses for reckless behavior that threatens lives.

Drivers should always pay close attention to the speed limit, but some fail to respect traffic safety guidelines. If a speeding driver caused you to become involved in a crash, make sure you thoroughly go over the details of the collision, obtain evidence and firmly stand up for your rights.

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