What are the most likely places to slip and fall inside?

What are the most likely places to slip and fall inside?
What are the most likely places to slip and fall inside?
William T. Corbett, JR.

As you walk around a store, you may begin to notice the variety of dangerous items and areas that can lead to a slip and fall incident.

No matter where you go, being aware of what leads to injuries can help you decide what to do after suffering from a fall.

Around spills and fallen bottles

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, liquid left on the floor of a shop from spilled drinks or broken bottles can lead to back injuries and head trauma if someone slips and falls. Cleaning up walkways and keeping them safe for customers is one important part of store safety.

If a customer brings an issue to the attention of the employees and they do not fix or clean up the mess, then it could potentially cause another person serious personal injury later on.

On unsafe flooring

When the material on a rug or piece of carpet is old and worn down, it can create a tripping hazard that is not obvious to people walking by. Even pieces of tile or other floorings can be unevenly or poorly installed, which can lead to people losing their footing.

Using broken staircases

If someone goes to hold onto a railing while walking down the stairs and then falls because the railing breaks, then this person could struggle with head or back injuries. Stairs going up to another level of a store or connected to the entrance of a building can fall into disrepair if no one takes care of them or fixes them.

When looking around, staying aware of what areas in a store can trip people is important.

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