What to do After Being Involved in an Auto Accident

What to do After Being Involved in an Auto Accident
What to do After Being Involved in an Auto Accident
William T. Corbett, JR.

The moments after a car accident can be a very frightening time for anyone. The trauma of the moment can overwhelm a lot of people, although there are important actions everyone should remember to take after they are involved in an automobile accident Mooresville NC. Here’s a look at what to do after being involved in an auto accident.

Report the Accident

Calling 911 and reporting the accident will serve multiple purposes. It will first provide an emergency response in the event that there are any injuries. It will also secure the area and allow you to file an accident report, which will be needed when making a claim.

Never Admit Fault

Regardless of who you speak with, don’t accept blame for anything. You can provide information, but never admit fault and never sign anything after an accident. Those things could come back to hurt your case later on in the process.

Gather Facts

Record as much information as you possibly can. That includes taking pictures and making a detailed account of every bit of damage. That could extend to a nearby damaged mailbox or pole. Make a note of the weather, time, visibility, etc. It’s also wise to get statements from nearby witnesses as they could wind up playing a key role in your claim.

Get Medical Attention

It is always good to seek out medical attention after an accident because there may be some problems that do not surface immediately. Whiplash and nerve damage may take a little time to show up. Also, the adrenaline of the moment could dull some of your aches and pains. You may wind up with a prolonged injury so it’s good for you and your personal injury insurance claim to account for it right away.

Contact Insurance Company

This is important to do, especially when there are injuries or damage to property. In the event that you do not report the accident and the other driver does, then it will not look favorably on your part because your insurance company will still find out.

Collect Yourself

After an accident, it is important to try to remain calm and poised. That helps deescalate situations. It can also help you gather the necessary facts and not say anything that could hold you accountable. This might not seem easy, but the more in control you are, the more you will adhere to the proper protocol that follows a car accident.

For legal guidance following an accident, contact the Law Office of William Corbett Jr PLLC. An experienced personal injury lawyer will explain all options available and fight to help you achieve the best outcome.

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